1964 Dutch Grand Prix – qualifying

Qualifying was a very close battle: Again Graham Hill and Jim Clark were right up there, but surprisingly it was Dan Gurney who claimed pole position. It was his second pole (after the 1962 German GP), but for Brabham Racing it was their first pole position in a Grand Prix that counted towards the world championship. Clark had to settle for second position, with Graham Hill completing the front row, just 0.2 seconds slower than Dan Gurney. Continue reading

Jarno’s victory

2004 Monaco Grand Prix

For as long as I remember watching Formula 1, I have been a fan of Jarno Trulli. Initially it was just his name that sounded very exotic to me, but as the years went by I began to appreciate his racing mentality: convinced of his own abilities and driven to show the world what he can do, while always colouring within the lines. He was a very talented driver, very fast over a single lap, but perhaps too ‘nice’ to take his career to the next level. Continue reading